Project name:

Triparty Collateral Management Web Portal

Project description:

The triparty collateral management portal provides a web browser based front end to facilitate viewing of triparty collateral management records including brokers, dealers, investors, accounts, deals, positions and securities. The system allows Bank employees and customers to work with their accounts, deals, and positions over the internet in a secure and reliable manner.

In addition to providing an improved user interface into triparty repurchase agreements, newer and more sophisticated allocation mechanisms are now supported. The system supports the bank’s role as custodian and allows funds and positions to be tracked, and allocated without allowing extra risk to be introduced.

The main inputs to the portal include:

1. Initiation of deals by broker/dealers and investors or lenders.
2. Paper based contracts which are intered into rule sets and associated with deals.

The key functions of the triparty collateral management portal are as follows:

1. Dealer and Investor Client records are entered, modified and deleted.
2. Deals are entered, modified and deleted.
3. Positions are allocated to deals.
4. Positions are checked for eligibility to deals.
5. Deals are triggered for unwind process.
6. Audit trails are created for business and technical events.
7. Customer and Account maintenance.
8. Security instrument maintenance.
9. Customer Feed processing.
10. Interbank Global Collateral Financing is supported.

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